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    Bob Burns

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    Bob Burns

    Graphic Designer

    Name: Bob Burns
    Contact method: eMail...
    Location: UK
    eMail: bob[at]bobburns.co.uk
    Phone: pls contact me by eMail
    Website: www.bobburns.co.uk

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    Bob Burns

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    - Imagekind

    - Effervescence

    About my Work

    Bob Burns

    work mostly with 3D programs, fractal generators and image editors.

    The fractal images are created through the manipulation and repetition of formulae, processed and rendered by computer. Though spawned by machine, the attraction of fractals comes via nature, in as much as they use nature's mathematics, her formulae; and in so doing, they echo her patterns and rhythms.

    Thus, they also echo our own patterns and rhythms. I am influenced by Carl Jung's theories of the collective unconscious and archetypal images, in which he holds that certain representative imagery resides in all of us, conditioned by our culture over the ages. I believe that our interpretation of images is coloured by these archetypes, augmented by impressions from our personal experiences.

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