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    Cesar Peralta

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    Cesar Peralta

    Graphic Designer

    Name: Cesar Peralta
    Contact method: eMail...
    Location: Mexico
    eMail: cperalta[at]ncuadre.com
    Phone: pls contact me by eMail
    Website: http://www.ncuadre.com

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    Cesar Peralta

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    About my Work

    Cesar Peralta

    have a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Design. Graduated about 4 years ago and started making digital art about 3 years ago. I like to make images full of color and contrast, I often use asymetric forms and figures to create and represent everyday things, feelings, moments. I like to make this kind of things because I feel this way people can identificate more with my work, maybe my work reminds them of something they lived or experienced. I work with photographs, illustrations, 3D Modeling Software and Image Processing and modification Progra

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